Ticket Score – Money Saving Tips When Buying NFL Tickets

Ticket Score – Money Saving Tips When Buying NFL Tickets


Although 2018 NFL ticket prices are down for most teams, fans of the reigning AFC champion New England Patriots will pay a steep price this season to watch games at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots have the most expensive NFL tickets with fans coughing up an average price of $583 to watch the franchise chase a sixth Super Bowl title, according to secondary market prices compiled by TicketIQ.


Despite the fact that Patriots tickets are $4 cheaper than a year ago, New England supporters will still pay $201 more for a ticket than fans of the Denver Broncos. A ticket to attend a game at Broncos Stadium at Mile High is the second most expensive with an average price of $382.


The Philadelphia Eagles upset the Patriots in Super Bowl 52 and will open the new season with the third-highest NFL ticket prices. Rabid fans of the defending champion will have to pay an average price of $369 to watch their team chase back-to-back titles.


The Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers round out the Top 5 teams with the most expensive ticket prices at $359 and $338, respectively.


A quintet of five AFC squads boasts the least expensive NFL ticket prices. The Buffalo Bills, a surprising playoff team last season, have the cheapest tickets with fans paying an average price of $111 to watch impressive rookie quarterback Josh Allen.


With the exception of the Cincinnati Bengals, which have the second cheapest NFL tickets at an average of $114 a game, the excitement surrounding the Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns is a strong indication that their ticket prices will soon be on the rise.


The Colts welcome back Andrew Luck and replaced beleaguered head coach Frank Pagano with Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive coordinator Frank Reich. Although the Colts have the third least expensive NFL ticket prices at an average of $116 a game, resurgence on the field will certainly lead to higher prices.


Fans in Kansas City are excited about their young gunslinger, Patrick Mahomes, whose 69-yard touchdown strike in a preseason win over the Atlanta Falcons has the city buzzing. The Chiefs ticket prices are amongst the lowest in the league at an average of $124, but savvy fans would be wise to buy tickets now before prices go upwards.


It’s a safe bet to argue that the Browns are not your ordinary 0-16 team. A combination of a large number of talented high draft picks and several key free agent additions have the Dawg Pound in frenzy. While Browns tickets are currently costing an average of just $125 a game, it’s also a good bet that these economical prices will not last long.



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