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Simeon Rice

I’m a 4 time All-Pro, Defensive Player of the Year, and of course a Super Bowl Champ. I personally know how hard it is for the average fan to try to get tickets for the big game; so check out TicketScore, and you could be watching your team in the big game.

Tank Johnson

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Sergio Brown

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Blake Bortles

We came so close to reaching the big game last year; so I hope all you Jags fans go to TicketScore to see us this year.

Latavius Murray

TicketScore is giving true fans the opportunity to cheer on their team without having to break the bank.

Bruce MIller

Making the NFL was always a dream of mine, and being a fan of the game before that; going to the Super Bowl was a dream as well.  TicketScore can help you get to the Super Bowl for a fraction of the cost to help fulfill your dream

Ozzie Guillen

2005 was a magical year, and I will never forgot winning the World Series and our passionate fan base. Now with TicketScore it gives the true fans an opportunity that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Darcy Johnson TE NY GIants

Being a 2007 Super Bowl Champ; I’m happy to endorse TicketScore. This is a great way for fans to see their team at a fraction of the cost.”

Tommie Harris

Yo what’s up it’s  3 time pro bowler for the Chicago Bears, listen I know how hard get tickets to Super Bowl unless your playing in like I did in 2006 so make sure to go to TicketScore for ways to get your Super Bowl tickets for a fraction of the cost! BearDown! Tommie Harris / 91

Justin McCray

Hey fans I know how hard the grind is to get to the Super Bowl, but it doesn’t have to be for you.  Check out TicketScore and get in for a fraction of the cost!

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