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FAQ- Failure to pay your subscription will result in a forfeiture of the subscription and will be terminated with the user forfieting all paid monies. 

I’m buying tickets on TicketScore but get an error to check my credit card’s security code and re-add it.

If you’re at checkout buying tickets on TicketScore and are getting an error to double-check your card’s security info, make sure you’re entering the correct card details.

You may need to call the number on the back of the card to troubleshoot or use another card to make the purchase.

If the problem persists, please contact us and we can take a look.

Can I pay for tickets with a check or cash?

When you buy tickets on TicketScore, you can make a purchase with a credit card or debit card account.

We don’t accept cash or checks as payment options.

I bought tickets at one price but my bank statement shows I was charged more.

When you buy tickets on TicketScore, the total cost of the tickets is shown prior to completing the purchase. All prices are in US Dollar.

If you live outside the United States the exchange rate may result in a higher charge on your bank statement.

What is an authorization?

An authorization is a temporary hold that banks put on electronic transactions to verify a purchase.

What is Visa Checkout?

Visa Checkout is a safe and convenient way for buyers to purchase tickets.

When will I get my tickets?

Because many types of tickets are available on TicketScore, there’s several ways they’ll get delivered. The delivery type determines when you’ll get them.

You’ll get your tickets by end of day of your order’s expected delivery date. This is based on when your seller expects to have the tickets. Sometimes, this date is close to the event due to team and/or venue restrictions.

Important: We’re not able to ask sellers to deliver tickets sooner than the date in your order details. As your expected delivery date approaches, there’s no need to contact us – we monitor all orders to guarantee delivery no later than end of day on the date shown in your account.

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